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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a nutrient-rich, natural option for reversing the signs of aging.


Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is the next generation treatment of platelet concentrate.
PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

Why Platelet Rich Plasma?

PRP, which uses your body’s own plasma (rich in growth factors and proteins) to stimulate the body’s ability to produce collagen, has many aesthetic applications. Plasma is the liquid portion of whole blood (mainly of water and proteins) and provides a medium for red and white blood cells and platelets to circulate throughout the body. Platelets are blood cells that cause blood clots and other necessary growth healing functions.  A syringe of blood is drawn, usually from the arm, while the face is numbing. The blood is then put into a centrifuge, which separates the PRP from other components of the blood.
PRP is safe for all skin types and tones and can be a great option for patients looking to leverage the body’s remarkable ability to heal and rejuvenate itself.  
PRP also plays a significant role in hair restoration.  At Coastal Skin Solutions, we use PRP with and without umbilical stem cells to treat hair loss with great success. 

Why Platelet Rich Plasma & Microneedling?

PRP – applied topically with Microneedling (commonly referred to as a “vampire facial”) or injected in the tissue (often referred to as a “vampire facelift”), rejuvenates the skin by promoting the growth of collagen and elastin, making it more youthful, tighter, and smoother. 
PRP is massaged into the treatment area after Microneedling. The Microneedling treatment creates small controlled micro punctures or micro channels in the skin, allowing for enhanced penetration of the PRP.
When using PRP + Microneedling for skin rejuvenation, our patients report improvements in fine lines, skin texture, hydration, radiance, and acne or surgical scarring. 
Learn more about Microneedling procedures at Coastal Skin Solutions. 

Why Platelet Rich Fibrin?

PRF is a fibrin matrix of platelet cytokines, growth factor and cells used to help promote skin rejuvenation.

Fibrin forms in response to injury. Platelets bind to the fibrin “scaffold,” become activated and release growth factors from tiny granules that create new skin cells, collagen and blood vessels.  Areas most popularly injected with PRF are under eyes, fine lines around lips, nasal labial folds and marionette lines.  The platelet-rich fibrin is used to fill in facial folds, among other uses. PRF naturally rejuvenates, lifts and corrects.

Like with PRP, a syringe of blood is drawn, usually from the arm, while the face is numbing. The blood is then put into a centrifuge, which separates the PRF from other components of the blood. A slower and longer spinning process separates the fibrin and growth factors from the red blood cells, which affords the opportunity to keep all active cells and growth factors intact for immediate use.

PRF (fibrin) gives a slower release of growth factors – up to one week instead of a few minutes with PRP – and offers progressive benefits of new collagen growth and increased circulation.

Why PlasmaSculpt? Platelet Rich Fibrin + Sculptra®?

Sculptra® Aesthetic is an injectable collagen stimulator that addresses the loss of collagen, an underlying cause of facial aging, to result in a more youthful appearance. Sculptra is a bio-friendly injectable made from Poly/Lactic acid that can be used as a targeted therapy to address specific areas of the face and body that lack structure and volume.

When Sculptra is used in combination with PRF, the result is an immediate lift and a more youthful structure in areas such as under the eyes, the cheeks, and around the lip. This combination gives you the progressive benefits of PRF, which is greater new collagen growth and increased circulation over time – improving structure, volume and lift in one procedure.

 Learn more about Sculptra®  at Coastal Skin Solutions.

My first step to Platelet Rich Plasma or Platelet Rich Fibrin?

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We will perform a complete evaluation of your skin and recommend a treatment plan with a timetable based upon your personal goals and schedule. We will also discuss with you pricing and financing options.   

Platelet Rich Plasma / Platelet Rich Fibrin FAQ.
3 Things to Know!

Question 1
Can I wear make-up after PRP  or PRF procedure?

It is recommended to avoid wearing make-up for a few days after the procedure and to protect your skin from the sun. You will be given an aftercare program to maximize your results. 

Question 2 
Is PRP or PRF considered a non-invasive procedure?

PRP and PRF are non-invasive, safe facial rejuvenation treatments. They are autologous which means they use blood plasma from your own body to rejuvenate the skin.

Question 3
How long does PRP or PRF last?
Results from a PRP or PRF procedure can last as long as 18 months. 
Disclaimer: Every patient is different, and results may vary due to a number of factors. During your consultation, we will discuss the results you can expect.