Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Why Soprano ICE™ Laser Hair Removal?

Soprano ICE
Laser hair removal is a procedure that is performed by directing a concentrated laser beam at hair follicles. The laser works by converting light energy to heat, in order to inhibit the hair follicles’ ability to grow hair or delay future hair growth.
Coastal Skin Solutions offers the Soprano ICE™, the most complete and effective hair removal system available today. Its variety of wavelengths (755, 810 and 1064) and cutting-edge technologies allow us to treat a wide range of patients and skin types and customize a laser hair removal plan to achieve our patients’ specific goals. 
The system works by gradually heating the skin to the temperature required to treat the hair follicle in order to prevent regrowth. The hair follicle is treated by targeting the pigmentation (melanin), which absorbs the light of the laser.
Suitable for all skin types, skin tones and body parts, the Soprano ICE Laser system is as effective on lighter hair as darker hair. The Soprano ICE Laser system even works on tanned skin. A patch test may be advised. A facial tip applicator facilitates precision hair removal on the face, including inside the ears and the nostrils.
The award-winning Soprano ICE system uses Alma® Laser’s Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology, which is the only clinically proven method of laser hair removal that is virtually painless with a proven safety record. SHR technology means it heats up slowly –  much like a crock pot – until it reaches the requisite temperature to destroy the follicle, while remaining a painless treatment for our patients. 
For the vast majority of our patients, laser hair removal becomes a true gamechanger in terms of saving time and money over waxing, sugaring, electrolysis, etc. 
Soprano ICE

Soprano ICE Facts

    • Fastest hair removal device on the market
    • Treats all six skin types
    • Used at any time of the year and can even treat tanned skin
    • Incorporates a unique facial tip to treat otherwise hard to reach areas like the nostrils, ears, and glabella (skin between eyebrows)
    • Virtually painless as a result of ICE™ cooling technology that cools the skin during treatment for longer periods of time

Prior to your laser hair removal appointment, we require that all areas to be treated must be shaved. Please see FAQ below for a full list of treatment guidelines. The area of the body or face being treated will be washed and your provider will apply a soothing gel to the skin’s surface. Repeated, gentle sweeping motions with the applicator gradually heat the treatment area with a high frequency of short pulses. The laser applicator is large enough to make treatment relatively swift, with smaller areas taking just 5 minutes. 

Soprano ICE technology cools the surface of the skin to increase patient comfort, prevent superficial burns and allow for virtually painless, yet highly-effective hair removal. A session generally takes between 60 and 90 minutes. 

There is no required downtime or post-treatment care required. You can resume your normal activities when you leave your appointment. 

Laser hair removal is a process that takes more than one visit in order to capture and treat the hair at its most receptive phase of the growing cycle. The number of treatment sessions will differ from person to person. Treatments are performed on areas from the neck down every six to eight weeks, after which, typically, there is a 90% clearance rate on 90% of patients, with the patient having a touch-up every year or two. Treatments are performed on areas from the neck up every four weeks. Since everyone’s hair growth rate is different, as the patient moves into later weeks in their treatment plan, sessions may be spaced further apart as warranted.

My first step to Soprano ICE?

Schedule your free personal consultation at Coastal Skin Solutions online or call 843.405.5906
We will perform a complete evaluation of your skin and recommend a treatment plan with a timetable based upon your personal goals and schedule. We will also discuss with you pricing and financing options.   

Soprano ICE FAQ. 3 Things to Know!

Question 1. What do I need to know before my laser hair removal appointment?

    1. The treatment area must be clean shaven and free of all hair before we can treat with Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal. We recommend shaving within 12-24 hours of your appointments.
    2. During your consultation, please discuss your most recent waxing treatment so we can discuss where and when to make sure there is sufficient regrowth before we schedule your appointment. You must wait 4-6 weeks after your last wax appointment before your first laser hair removal appointment. Hair regrowth is required for laser hair removal to be effective. Since you will have shaved before your appointment, we won’t be able to confirm if the regrowth is a few hairs or full regrowth.
    3. Your 6 session treatment series will range anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks (depending on treatment area and which session it is). During that time, you CAN shave as much as you. But, you canNOT wax, pluck, sugar, or use chemical depilatories.
    4. Lastly, the consensus is that laser hair removal during menstruation is not recommended, simply because most women find they are much more sensitive, and thus the treatment can hurt. It’s not contraindicated but if there is scheduling flexibility, most would prefer not to be treated during that time for the sake of greater comfort. We are happy to reschedule at any time to accommodate this situation. If you still prefer to have your laser hair removal treatment on a day when you are menstruating, please use feminine protection.

Question 2. Is there a difference in treating dark and light hair?

Yes, but the multiple laser wavelengths of 755, 810, and 1064 with Soprano ICE allows us to treat the widest range of hair types and color, quickly and painlessly, all year round, even on tanned skin. This breakthrough technology lets us customize the treatment for each person. During your sessions, we may be working with different wavelengths depending on the various treatment areas.

 Question 3.  Can you guarantee 100% hair removal?

We cannot guarantee 100% hair removal because the laser is only effective when the hair is in the anagen growth phase. Hair can remain dormant for years at a time. We tell our patients to expect 90% hair removal assuming they adhere to their recommended treatment sessions and schedule. The treatment schedule is extremely important to outcomes.