BOGO Laser Hair Removal Offer

Say "Goodbye Razor and "Hello Laser!"

Our much anticipated BOGO Laser Hair Removal sale is back!

  Pricing per session is as follows:

    • Extra Small (Lip, Chin, Glabella, or Toes, etc.) $75
    • Small (Underarms, Bikini Line, or Back of Neck) $150
    • Medium (Full Brazilian or Forearms, etc.) $275
    • Large (Full Arms, or Lower or Upper Legs, etc.) $375
    • Extra Large (Full Legs or Male Chest/Back, etc.) $450
We offer the latest technology for laser hair removal. Our in-motion Soprano ICE is fast, painless, and super effective as it achieves 90% hair clearance on 90% of patients with 6 treatments spaced 4-12 weeks apart.* 
Call (843) 405-5906 to buy your BOGO Laser Hair Removal sessions or fill out the form below to be contacted Summer is just a few months away, don’t wait!

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    *All treatment packages for this promotion must be paid in full and cannot be combined with any other deals.